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About Lord Dhanvantari

“Sri Dhanvantharaye Namaha”

As said in our Hindu mythology, Suras and Asuras (Devas and Demons) churned the Ksheera Sagara (the ocean of milk). During this course, a poison called “Haala –Hala” emerges out. In order to save the world Rudra Deva swallows this poison and contains it in his throat. Hence, he is called “Visha Kantha”. After this, “Kalpa Vruksha” – a tree, “Kama Dhenu” – a cow, “Airavatha” – an elephant, “Uchchaishravas” – a horse, “Kaustubha mani” – adivine gem, Apsaras, and “Devi Lakshmi” emerged…

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