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About Dr. M.V.Krishna Murthy

Dr. Krishna Murthy born in a traditional Ayurvedic practitioners family. He obtained a diploma in Ayurveda in the year 1965. Joined Quasi Government Service as a Physician for some time. In the year 1973, Dr. Krishna Murthy set up his private practice in this garden city Bengaluru ( Bangalore ) and was practicing as a general practitioner. The quench for knowledge in him was growing day by day.

In the year 1989 his beloved wife Smt. Rama afflicted by breast carcinoma (cancer). It was diagnosed by modern (Alopathy) system of medicine. By this event, as a dissolutioned person Dr. Krishna Murthy began to search for impeccable knowledge.

Probably by this time intuition which was hidden in him might have woken up. Lord Dhanwanthari shown him the guru in the form of a book i.e “Magnet Dowsing” authored by the great late Dr. B. Bhattacharya and updated by his great son Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya of Nahihati, West Bengal, India. Dr. Krishna Murthy accepted whole-heartedly both of them as his guru’s and started his journey in this field. Studied numerous books on this science authored by our Indian as well as Western scholars. By this, he was able to find-out the real cause of his beloved wife’s sufferings. It was, due to her hidden gynic problems. He was able to find out this through “Medical Dowsing”. But, it was too late to treat her effectively. Finally, he lost her in the year 1990 month of August.

Dr. Krishna Murthy scrapped his general practice and devoted his life towards “Medical Dowsing” for diagnosis. Making use of his knowledge in Ayurveda, Gemstones and Touch and Heal for treatment. Thus, for all these years making the combination of “Medical Dowsing”, Ayurveda, Gem medicines, Touch and Heal for numerous hidden chronic problems. In this way Dr.Krishna Murthy rendering his bit of service to the suffering humanity.

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