What is Medical Dowsing? (Hidden things {Invisible}) and how to Diagnose?

Technology has been developed enormously in Modern Medical Science such as, X-Ray, CT- Scan, MRI – Scan, Ultra Sound, ECG etc., by these modern gadgets we can find minute points of the gross body, but not the subtle body. At the same time, numerous problems are also erupting further and further. The treatment of which are still far away. What is the reason for such a situation? Because the human body and its parts have been considered as a separate entity, on this philosophy treatment is going on.

Actually, the man is consisting of all the facts aforesaid. Hence, Healer (Physician) has to consider cautiously and find out precisely the hidden causes for already deranged or to be deranged in near future and to treat physical and subtle bodies by using appropriate remedies simultaneously, by regularizing the life style of the patient which will help to regain his lost health.

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Super Sensitive Silver Pendulum

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Devine Blessed Shri Sudarshana Salagrama Pendulum

Characteristics of Subtle Body, Planes by Esoteric Science

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The diseases will occur in five planes such as, Physical, Emotional [Astral], Mental, Intutional and Spiritual.Yoga practitioners will call these as Panchakoshas such as Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vijnanamaya and Anandamaya. These may be individual or/may be overlaped with one another. It is very important to know the human system precisely. The modern gadgets can reach only the Gross (Physical) body, but not the subtle body. It is a known fact that our ancestors used to see the subtle bodies for accurate diagnosis and to treat most effectively {Holistically} with their mystic vision. Around 1940, a Russian Scientist, Dr.Kirlian invented a Camera to find out the hidden problems in Subtle Body. (Now, this Camera is named after him and called Kirlian Photography.) Sri Sri Pathanjali Maharshi propagated the Kundalini Yoga Chakras such as Sahasrara, Ajna, Vishuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhisthana and Muladhara, the Rays and Aura are intertwined with these Yoga Chakras. This Camera will reveal the malefic conditions in these Chakras and Subtle body through Precious Photographs.


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Through the medical dowsing it is possible to see the hidden characteristics in subtle body. Accordingly, healer (physician) has to prepare different charts connected to the human physical/subtle system and a sensitive pendulum (pure silver pendulum or very sensitive) which will act as a medium between doctor and patient to know the hidden problems. Then by concentrating his mind he has to bring the patient to his mind’s eye. By this he will be in a position to transmit his subconscious mind to the patient subconscious mind, by holding sensitive pendulum in his hand with the help of these charts he will be in a position to ask the questions regarding to his physical and mental health only. Now the patient will be in a position to reveal all the facts which are pestering him. Along with the data obtained by the medical dowsing and making use of Russian technology. Images of subtle body will be obtained by Kirlian photography will be an added advantage. When correlated these 2 things, the findings will be one and the same, by this diagnosis will be precise one, when applied with holistic approach most effective treatment can be done.





Moderately Malefied


Highly Malefied


(Dowsing means Search).
This can be done in patient’s absence also. For this his/her photograph is sufficient. In this terminology, this is called as Witness. By dowsing, healer (Physician) can select the appropriate remedy which will be most effective to the patient. To find out the problems in subtle body through the Kirlian Photography, the patient’s presence is quiet essential.
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Physical Examination by Dowsing