Hidden Human System

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Introduction to Hidden Human System

I have a Diploma and a Registered Ayurveda Medical Practitioner by Govt. of Karnataka since 1965. Thus, having 53yrs. rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of patients.


Methodlogy of Diganosis are Nidana panchaka soothras of Ayurveda, apart to this medical dowsing by Esoteric science will be done through a normal photograph of patient in his/her absence, later findings will be cross checked by usual physical examination. Further, by modern technology Kirlian photography will be taken to know the exact condition and position of Aura, Chakras, etc. All these three ancient and modern technologies are amalgamated and correlated with each other to know the hidden problems precisely in subtle/physical, mental body, planes and koshas. By careful consideration of all these things will be most effective diagnosis.


Treatment will be by medicine prepared strictly selected geniune nine precious gems such as Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Topaz, Diamond, Sapphire, Onyx, Cat’s eye with appropriate scientificaly processed Ayurveda medicines.

Our main motto in diagnosis as well as treatment is holistic approach only.


Any system of medical practitioner who really interested and involve by him/her self in this method of diagnosis is eligible to learn Contact.

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