Human Body


Human consists of Two Bodies, i.e., Physical (Gross) and Subtle. One can see the Physical Body by naked eyes, Subtle Body cannot be seen which is invisible, but, it has most significance.

Basic Elements (Panchatathvas):

We have been created by Five Basic Elements (Pancha Thatvas). They are Akasha (Sky), Air, Fire, Water and Earth. By the Aura of Almighty, element Akasha (Sky) has been created, by Sky Element Air has been created, by Air Element Fire has been created, by Fire Element Water has been created, by Water Earth Element has been created.


Rudiments (Tanmathras):

By these Panchatathvas Five Rudiments (Thanmathras) have been created. They are – by Akasha Sound; by Air Touch and Sound (Combined); by Fire Sight, Touch and Sound (Combined); by Water Taste, Sight, Touch and Sound (Combined); by Earth Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch & Sound (All Combined). These Rudiments are functioning through Five Sensory Organs, such as Ears- Sound, Skin-Touch, Eyes – Sight, Tongue – Taste and Nose- Smell. For these sensory organs, mouth, hands, legs , anus and genitals are the organs of function. That is, mouth for sound, hands for touch, legs for sight, anus for taste, genitals for smell.


Three faults (Tridoshas)

According to Ayurveda Principles, three faults (Tridoshas) are the main functionaries in Human System, they are Vata, Pitta, and Kafa. Vata is connected with elements of Akasha and Air, Pitta is connected with element Fire, Kafa is connected with elements of Water and Earth.
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Three Characteristics (Three Gunas):

Accordingly, Sathva, Raja, Thama Characters (Gunas) too are connected with Three Faults (Tridoshas) and basic Five Elements (Pancha Thatvas). Sathva Character (Guna) with Vayu Dosha and Akasha and Air Elements. Raja Character (Guna) with the Pitta Dosha and element Fire. The Thama Character (Gunas) with Kafa Dosha and elements Water and Earth.

Seven Systems (Saptha Dhathus):

The food which we are taking will be classified as Seven Systems (Saptha Dhathus) which are protective of our body. These are called as Chyle (Rasa), Blood (Raktha), Flesh (Mamsa), Fat (Meda), Bone (Asthi), Marrow (Majja), in male Semen (Shukra), in female Ova (Shonitha).
Fire Element which is in us divides the food which we take into three parts, as Gross Part, Fine Part and Waste Part. The waste part will be thrown out of our body in the form of Urine and Feces. Gross part will be the Energy to take further journey of the fine part. This Fine part will be converted in First Stage as Chyle (Rasa Dhathu), this Chyle again will be divided in to three parts, in Second Stage converted as Blood (Raktha), in the Third Stage it will be Flesh (Mamsa), in the Forth stage it will be Fat (Meda), in the same way it will be Bone (Asthi) in the Fifth Stage, in the Sixth Stage it will be Marrow (Majja), in the Seventh Stage in the Male it will be Semen (Shukra), in Female it will be Ova (Shonitha).
For this formation it takes Five Days and Nights in each stage in this way it takes total Thirty Days to complete its formation. Fine Part of the Sperm System turns into Brilliance (Ojas) which gives Strength and Health to the whole of Human Frame, and distinguishes a living person from the dead. All these formations will take place in the subtle body. So, derangement if occurs anywhere in the subtle body it will not remain there itself, it will spread to whole of the subtle and physical bodies and causes one / several problems. Hence, we should not confine to a particular thing to Diagnose, instead find out the route cause of problems in whole and treat appropriately.

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Nervous System:

Our ancestors by virtue of their mystic power what they have seen and described about the anatomy of Nervous system can stand comparison with our present knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology. According to Yoga Experts, there are Seventy Two Thousand “Vayu Nadies” are spread in our system. Out of this ten are important. They are called as “Nerves of Impulse” (Prana Vahakas), without proper knowledge of which the process and technique of Pranayama is not possible. If done otherwise it may be disastrous.

As per Ayurveda

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“Ida” Nadi which starts from left side of the Spinal Cord of Mooladhara Chakra region ends in right nostril. “Pingala” Nadi starts from the right side of the Spinal Cord of Mooladhara Chakra region ends in Left Nostril. “Shushumana” Nadi passes through the Spinal Cord from the region of Novel Level through Brain and ends in “Brahma Randra”. Nadies such as “Gandhari” resides in Left Eye, “Hastha Jeeva” in right eye, “Pusha” in right Ear, “Yashaswini” in Left Ear, “Alambusha” in Mouth, “Kuhu” in Penis, “Shankini” in the base. In these ten nadies three are the most important; these are “Ida”, “Pingala” and “Shushumna”. In these “Sushumna” is very important, remaining seven nadies through the Rudiments (Tanmathras) convey the message to the Brain.

As per Alopathy

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Seven Force Centers (Saptha Chakras):

According to Kundalini Yoga there are seven “Force Centers “(Chakras) such as, “Crown” (Sahasrahara), Ajna, “Throat”(Vishuddha), “Heart” (Anahata), “Solar Plexus”(Manipura), “Sacral” (Swadisthana) and “Base“ (Mooladhara).
Kundalini Shakthi invisibly situated in spinal cord in Mooladhara Chakra in crooked form coiled like a serpent and regulates subsidiary Shakthies. The Dakini in Mooladhara, Rakini in Swadisthana, Lakini in Manipura, Kakini in Anahata, Shakini in Vishuddha, Hakini in Ajna to function effectively.
These “Force Centers” (Chakras) are intertwined relationship with “Rudiments” (Pancha Thanmathras”), Sound with Vishuddha Chakra, Touch with Anahata Chakra, Sight with Manipura Chakra, Taste with Swadisthana Chakra and Smell with Mooladhara Chakra.
In this way these “Force Centers” (Chakras) are intertwined with Endocrine system also. Sahasrahara with “Pineal” glands, Ajna with “Pitutari” Glands, Vishuddha with “Thyroid” and “Parathyroid” Glands, Anahata with “ Thymus” Glands, Manipura with “ Pancreas” , Swadisthana with “Gonads”, finally Mooladhara with “Adrenals “. These Endocrine System and Force Centers are intertwined with our Physical System. (The Diagram is self explanatory.)

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Seven (Vibgyor) Colours (Saptha Varnas):

In the same way, the rainbow colors are also absorbed in us. Aforesaid “Force Centers” (chakras) are having Co-ordination with these colors and absorb this cosmic energy to work most efficiently. Such as, Green with Sahasrahara, Blue with Ajna, Indigo (Red & Blue Combined) with Vishuddha, Violet with Anahata, Red with Manipura, Orange with Swadisthan, Yellow with Mooladhara.

Source of Vibgyor Colours:

We get aforesaid colors by “VIBGYOR” i.e. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Nature has given these unadulterated colors through Precious Gem Stones. Such as, Ruby (Manikya): Red, Pearl (Muttu): Orange, Coral (Hawala): Yellow, Emerald (Pachhe): Green, Topaz (Pushya Raga): Blue, Diamond (Vajra): Indigo, (Combination of Red and Blue), Sapphire (Neela): Violet. In addition to these, there are other two gems they are Onyx (Gomeda): Ultra Violet, Cat’s Eye (Vydurya): Infra-Red. Man is the creation of the nature, so he will effectively accept and assimilate these things which are created by nature. All these things will go in subtle way.


Flow of Cosmic Energy:

This Cosmic energy while coming inside the “Force Centers” (Chakras) is called as “In-Coming Primary Energy”. While going out is called “Secondary Energy”. This will proceed further to nadis from there to nervous system from there to endocrine system, then to blood, finally through the blood throughout the human system and make it function properly. But, sometimes this will not occur due to several causes, flow of cosmic energy will be blocked either in the entry point of chakra or at the exit point. By this malefic condition, first subtle body will be deranged. If not treated this condition properly, this will further derange the physical body also.

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These “Force Centers” (Chakras) will function independently. Even then these will co-ordinate themselves for effective performance. (Diagram is self explanatory)

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Sahasrara, Ajna, Vishudha, Anahata are the Major Chakras, Manipura, Swadhisthana, Muladhara are the Minor Chakras.

Due to several causes these will be deranged. Due to this derangment first subtle body will be affected and then goes to physical body also. When these chakras get the treatment by appropriate remidies they themselves will get cured and also cure other subtle body. When this happens, naturally the physical body will get cured. These minor chakras will get the energy from cosmic and transmit it to the major chakras for its efficient functioning i.e. they get cured by them selves and cure other subtle body. When the subtle body is cured naturally this will go to the deranged physical body also and it will be cured.

Energy which will flow from SPLEEN, first go to the physical body to cure the derangement in it, and then go to the subtle body also to make them function more efficiently. Thus, simultaneous treatment to physical and subtle body will be most effective.

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Intertwined Relationship:

If we keenly observe the Force (Energy) which runs basic Five Elements (Pancha Thatvas), Rudiments (Pancha Tanmathras), Three-Faults (Tridoshas), Three Characteristics (Tri-Gunas), Seven Systems (Saptha Dhathus), Seven Force Centers (Saptha Chakras), Soul (Athma), Mind (Manassu), Brain (Buddhi), Body (Shareera) clearly shows the intertwined relationship of Physical and Subtle bodies. (Diagram is self explanatory for the relationship of Soul, Mind, Brain and Body).

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