What is Gem Therapy? And Why?

The treatment given by any system of medicine to the physical body might have seems to be cured. But, the hidden causes will remain there itself, in due course of time it will resurface with the same symptoms or still worse which will be a difficult one to treat. So competent healer (Physician) carefully by considering all these factors has to treat appropriately which is considered by our ancestors as “HOLISTIC” treatment.

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Nature has given Nine Precious Gems to us. These gems are un-adulterated things. These will emanate natural colors such as Red (Ruby), Orange (Pearl), Yellow (Coral). Green (Emerald), Blue (Topaz), Indigo (Mixture of Red & Blue) (Diamond) Violet (Sapphire), Ultra-Violet (Onix) and Infra- Red (Cat’s Eye). Man is also created by nature by the same colors, so he can naturally effectively assimilate them.Basic Elements, Rudiments, Chakras as well as rays are having intertwined relationship with these colours, in the same way afore said seven systems also are the part of these Cosmic Colors. Chyle and Blood by Orange, Flesh by Green, Fat by Blue, Bone by Red, Marrow by Yellow, Semen by Indigo, Nervous by Violet. In this way the colors eminated by these Precious Gems will most effectively work on the deranged subtle body and make it Healthy Lively. When the subtle body becomes Healthy, Naturally it goes to the physical body and makes it healthier

In astrology also it is said planets (Nava Ghrahas) Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu’s are affectionate of these precious gems thus they will have their influence which will make man healthier and happy. Thus, this is called as “Gem Therapy”.

Some Yoga Exponents are of the opinion of through meditation, Pranayama and Yogasanas certain diseases can be cured. This may be possible in few persons, but not all. Due to several reasons all cannot do these things. Particularly persons who are suffering from physical or/and Mental problems. Then, the question will arise “What to do for such persons?” For this there is remedy in “shat-chakra-nirupana” and “paduka-panchaka” (the serpent power) chapter of Yoga – Laya – Karma as “Oushada Yoga” that means administer appropriate natural remedies which can cure subtle and physical bodies simultaneously.


Ayurvedic Medicines too will work on Gross and Subtle bodies. When we make the combination of Ayurveda and Gem Medicines both will work on both the bodies with co-ordination and make man Healthier and Perfect.

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